Subaru AVCS Add-On Wiring for 2.0L - BULKHEAD

Subaru AVCS Add-On Wiring for 2.0L - BULKHEAD


Subaru AVCS Add-On Wiring - BULKHEAD ej205 & ej207

Bulkhead Harness Details

Finally, a wiring kit intended for the novice installer. Our Bulkhead harness is an Add-On harness that completes the missing wires between the ECU and the Engine Bay (9 wires to be exact). This section of wiring is also called the Chassis or Main Harness.

With most things in life there are exceptions. Here is a list of items that must be in place before AVCS will operate in your 2002-2005 WRX:

  • North American / EDM / ADM Impreza WRX 2.0L 2002-2005 MANUAL TRANSMISSION chassis. Must be cable driven throttle and MT trans (wont work with Automatics).
  • JDM ver7/8/9 ECU (the US 2.0L ECU will not operate AVCS, therefore this wiring harness is NOT intended for US based vehicles)
  • iaTUNING AVCS Bulkhead Add-On Wiring Kit
  • iaTUNING AVCS Engine add-on harness, only in instances where the factory AVCS engine harness is damaged/missing
  • JDM ver7/8/9 Motor, ej205 and ej207 with these requirements
  • - Rear cam sensors must be 2 wire, not 3
    - Will only work with intake AVCS (aka Single AVCS). Our kit will not support motors with intake & exhaust AVCS (sometimes called dual or quad AVCS)

    Custom Wiring Available

    Upon request, we offer custom wiring kits, including different plugs and/or wire lengths for popular builds such as:

    • Right Hand Drive vehicles

    Additional Details

    Since 2004, our wiring kits have met the stringent standards that our clientele has come to expect. If that's not enough, each kit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY*!

    • EXTREMELY Easy install (see our FAQ for more details).
    • 100% Factory fit and finish thanks to OE plugs and terminals
    • Constructed of automotive grade, high temp PVC jacketed, copper stranded wiring.
    • Zero cutting, soldering, nor splicing.
    • Each kit is tested and meets strict resistance standards of less than 0.3 OHM. 
    • The kit is 100% reversible

    * Lifetime Warranty is valid to the original purchaser and is non transferrable.


    Q1) I'm not a wiring person. In fact, I can barely change a battery. Will I be able to install this kit on my own?
    This is quite possibly the easiest wiring kit you'll ever install. Each kit includes a fully illustrated (pictures) install guide and factory connectors. Example: Insert the green wire into the #4 hole. All you're doing is matching wire colors to clearly marked plug numbers. When in doubt, please consult with us or a local install professional.  

    Q2) How long does the kit take to install?
    Average install time is 1-2 hours.  

    Q3) Is it harder to install the wiring kit if the motor is already installed?

    The install is just as easy with the motor in or out. 

    Q4) What is the difference or an Engine and Bulkhead Harness?
    Bulkhead Harness
    Often called the Chassis Harness, this is the large harness that runs from the ECU, across the firewall, and ends at the Black/Brown plugs behind the battery as well as the Grey plug on the passenger side strut tower. The Bulkhead harness terminates in the engine bay and does not connect to the sensors on the motor. Rather, the Engine harness plugs into the sensors. Every US 2002-2005 WRX comes with a bulkhead harness from the factory, but the US cars do not include AVCS wiring, which is where our kit comes into play.

    Engine Harness
    The Engine Harness starts under the hood and continues across the motor, ultimately connecting to the coil packs, injectors, throttle body, etc. It resides underneath the intake manifold and has 3 main male plugs to it. If, for some reason, the used JDM motor arrives with cut plugs (not uncommon) then you will want to purchase our AVCS Engine Harness which will convert your Stock US ej205 Engine Harness into a JDM Engine Harness. Alternatively, if you do not have a stock US ej205 Engine Harness to start with, then we also sell a Complete JDM Engine Harness.  

    Every kit includes a fully illustrated install guide which turns a daunting task into a simple install. If you can change your own battery, then you can definitely install this kit!

    Lost your instructions? 
    Don't worry, just send us an email with your First and Last Name and we'll send over a copy. Keep in mind, the install guides are intended for the original owners. 

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