Subaru Speaker Adapter Combo Kit Front + Rear v1

Subaru Speaker Adapter Combo Kit Front + Rear v1


Made in the USA and reviewed across several publications, Subiesport, IWSTi, and NASIOC, ia-Performance's stereo speaker install kits is one of the most innovative kits on the market. The universal design allows the adapters to be stacked, or even flipped, to meet the mounting depth and cutout diameter needs of each speaker. 

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FACT: The factory Subaru door design significantly limits the speaker options to the point of having next to no aftermarket choices.

Through the implementation of our injected molded adapters, you now have the option of running virtually any aftermarket speaker while maintaining the factory door covers*. Plus, the ease of which our kit installs will make anyone feel like a pro (no cutting nor drilling required). 


  • 4 front door adapters + 2 rear door adapter, enough to fit 4 speakers.
  • Comprehensive installation kit  

Our adapter kits are designed to work with speakers within the following size dimensions. Please refer to the manufacturer's website for your model's dimensions. 

See the above APPLICATIONS and FAQ tabs for additional info.

Front Doors (6.5" applications)

  • Cutout Diameter: 5.0"- 5.9"
  • Mounting Depth: 0" - 2.92" **

Front Doors (5.25" applications)

  • Cutout Diameter: 0"-4.9"
  • Mounting Depth: 0" - 2.92" **

Rear Doors (5.25") 

  • Cutout Diameter: 0"- 4.6" (over this size and metal cutting may be necessary)
  • Mounting Depth: 0" - 2.92"
  • Tip: when shopping for coaxial rear speakers, find one that has a flush mounted tweeter, versus a tweeter that extends past the woofer body. This will make for an easier install. 

    *Note: our adapters fit speakers meeting the size requirement chart above. These sizes fit 99% of all speakers in the mainstream market. Please consult with your speakers' manufacturer for fitment dimensions.

    ** We've fit up to 3.0" in select vehicle applications. Please contact us for further details. 

    • Saab 92x 2002-2007
    • Subaru Impreza WRX, Sti, RS, TR 2002-2007
    • Subaru Forester 2004-2008

      Q: Where are the kits made?
      A: The adapter rings are made in the USA with ia-Performance's proprietary mold and the final packaging occurs at our Colorado USA office.

      Q: Why do the 6.5" (front and rear) and 5.25" (front only) kits come with 4 rings for just 2 doors?
      A: The adapter plates have a beveled interior circle, which allows for various stacking configurations to accommodate a vast array of speaker cutout diameters.    


      Q: What are the adapter plates made out of?
      A: The rings are injected molded reinforced polycarbonate (stronger than ABS) 

      View the full installation guide here

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