Subaru KPH to MPH Speedo Convertor

Subaru KPH to MPH Speedo Convertor


Subaru KPH to MPH Speedo Convertor

This speed convertor will conveniently convert KPH to MPH readings on the speedometer. Even better, all distances traveled after the install will be registered in miles. Keep in mind, this item will not change previously recorded kilometer readings.

The included instructions are in assumption the unit is to be wired into the transmission speedometer extension wire (white sheathed wiring bundle). This item carries a 30 day warranty.

We've found issues when wiring this convertor's signal wires directly to the gauge cluster due to electrical interference (AKA Noise). For this reason we recommend connecting the signal wire wires (yellow and gray) directly to the transmission cord, not through the cluster. 

Converter Colors / Vehicle Colors

Version 5 & 6 Subaru

  • See image V6 for diagram and note orientation of plug
  • Signal In: Yellow -> Green/Yellow (gearbox sensor side)
  • Signal Out: Grey -> Green/Yellow (loom side)
  • 12v+: Red -> Green Brown
  • Ground: Black -> Green/White

Version 7 and 8 (MY 02-07)

  • Signal In: Yellow -> Green (gearbox sensor side)
  • Signal Out: Grey -> Green (loom side)
  • 12v+: Red -> White Ground: Black -> Brown

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