Timing Belt 13028aa240

Timing Belt 13028aa240


iaTUNING offers an extensive line of genuine Subaru OEM parts to keep your Subaru properly maintained. 


  • Subaru OEM timing belt for the listed applications below. 
  • Sold individually

Feel free to contact us for any JDM or USDM Subaru OEM parts not found on the website.


JDM version 7/8/9 ej205
JDM ej205x and ej205y
JDM version 7/8/9 ej207
Baja 2004-2006
Forester XT 2004-2013
Impreza GT 2008-2010
Legacy GT 2005-2011
Legacy GT Spec B 2006-2009 
Outback XT 2005-2009
STi 2004-2011
WRX 2002-2014
Saab 9-2x 2005-2006

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