Subaru OEM Camshaft Oil Seal 42x55x8 - 806742160

Subaru OEM Camshaft Oil Seal 42x55x8 - 806742160


iaTUNING offers an extensive line of genuine Subaru OEM parts to keep your Subaru properly maintained. If you do not see it here, then feel free to contact us for a quote.  


  • Subaru OEM camshaft oil seal
  • 42 x 55 x 8mm 
  • Needed when rebuilding AVCS equipped cylinder heads. Fits both the single AVCS engines (intake only) as well as dual AVCS engines (intake and exhaust)
  • Sold individually

JDM version 7/8/9 ej205 and ej207 AVCS (intake side only)
JDM ej20x (intake and exhaust side)
USDM 2004-2007 STi (intake side only)
USDM 2008-2020 STi (intake and exhaust side)
USDM 2006-2014 WRX (intake side only)
USDM 2004-2013 FXT (intake side only)
USDM 2004-2013 LGT/OXT (intake side only)

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