Subaru OEM Camshaft Oil Seal 32x55x8.5

Subaru OEM Camshaft Oil Seal 32x55x8.5


Genuine Subaru camshaft oil seal 32x55x8.5. Perfect replacement when rebuilding a cylinder head. Non AVCS turbo motors will need 2 of these per cylinder head, whereas single AVCS motors will require 1 of these per cylinder head (exhaust cam shaft) and 1 of 806742160.

Sold individually. 

Cam Applications

  • JDM version 7/8/9 ej205 and ej207 AVCS (exhaust side only)
  • UDM 2002-2005 WRX (exhaust and intake side)
  • USDM 2004-2018 STi (exhaust side only)
  • USDM 2006-2014 WRX (exhaust side only)
  • USDM 2004-2013 FXT (exhaust side only)
  • USDM 2004-2013 LGT/OXT (exhaust side only)

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