Subaru Fuel Damper - no hoses

Subaru Fuel Damper - no hoses


If you own a Subaru then chances are good that your motor has a fuel damper. The intention is to flatten (smooth out) the harmonic frequency found in the fuel lines, resulting in a more linear fuel flow. When the internal diaphragm fails the result is a ticking noise, most notably heard at idle from inside the cabin. 


  • Feed line damper
  • This model can be used on a multitude of different Subaru models ranging, but not limited to; Forester, WRX, Legacy, and STi. 
  • This is a new factory Subaru part

Install Note

  • The damper goes between the Fuel Rail and Firewall. The direction does not matter.
  • We have tested and used feed and return lines interchangeably without issues. The only difference appears to be the shape of the damper, which usually clips into a factory bracket.

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