Subaru Fuel Damper - Return

Subaru Fuel Damper - Return


Subaru Fuel Damper - Return

If you own a Subaru then chances are good that your motor has a fuel damper. The intention is to flatten (smooth out) the harmonic frequency found in the fuel lines, resulting in a more linear fuel flow. When the internal diaphragm fails the result is a ticking noise, most notably heard at idle. 


  • Return Line
  • Turbo charged models
  • With slight modifications (remove the rubber hoses), this model can be used on a multitude of different Subaru models ranging, but not limited to; Forester, WRX, Legacy, and STi. 
  • This is a new factory Subaru part

Install Note

  • The damper goes between the Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) and the firewall. The direction does not matter.
  • We have tested and used feed and return lines interchangeably on the same feed lines without issues. The only difference appears to be the shape of the damper, which usually clips into a factory bracket.

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