JDM Subaru Dual Console Armrest Extension - Jet Black (JC)

JDM Subaru Dual Console Armrest Extension - Jet Black (JC)


The perfect interior upgrade to give your elbow a place to rest. The factory armrest sits rather low, which can be uncomfortable on long road trips. The Subaru of Japan Dual Console Extension not only corrects this issue, but gives additional storage space. If you are looking for a functional part, that is easy to install, then pick up a Dual Console Extension today!

The Console Extension is available in 2 different colors: Off Black / Charcoal Gray (MG) and Jet Black (JC). Both of which are nearly identical in color when held side by side as shown in their comparison image. EX: you can install a MG Console into a JC car and would never know the difference without flash photography. Granted, we want you to get the right color, so here are additional color details:

JC = 2009-2013 Impreza models (black console)

MG = Impreza models with charcoal gray interior (Perfect match for 2008-9 and 2014 WRX, possibly more models since it fits up to 2019)


  • Console and matching screw cap
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instructions
  • Does not include lid shown in pictures

From date of order, this item requires 2-3 weeks to arrive from Japan.  

Installation note
Overall easy install with basic hand tools (philips and flat blade screw drivers). The factory console cover/lid screws directly onto this piece. Alternatively, you could also purchase a matching JDM Console Cover in Leather / Red Stitching or Alcantara / Red Stitching (as shown in the product images) 


  • USDM sliding armrest extension will not fit this box as it uses a different clasp system. If your armrest cover has a button on the top side then it is the extension and will not fit.  
  • 2008-2021 Impreza and Impreza WRX
  • 2008-2021 Impreza STi

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