PCV Hose - Left valve cover to TMIC

PCV Hose - Left valve cover to TMIC


iaTUNING offers an extensive line of genuine JDM and USDM Subaru OEM parts to keep your Subaru properly maintained. 


  • Subaru OEM Hose Assembly for the PCV system.  
  • Location = Labeled #1 in the engine product image
  • Connects LEFT Cylinder breather port to STi or WRX TMIC. Will work with aftermarket TMICs so long as the factory metal cross tube is bolted to the TMIC.
  • Includes 1 clamp as shown. 
  • From the factory, this hose uses one clamp, which is weaker than the optional Subaru add-on clamps 092316502.
  • Sold individually

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JDM version 7 ej205* (see below)
JDM version 8/9 ej205
JDM version 7 ej207* (see below)
JDM version 8/9 ej207
USDM WRX 2002-2005* (see below)
USDM STi ej257 2004-2007

Sold separately. Some engine models attache the PCV tubing with single use crimp-on clamps, whereas other models are equipped with spring clamps. Spring clamps can be reused, but crimp-on clamps cannot. If your engine has crimp-on clamps then add the desired number of spring clamps to the hose order.

*This part BYPASSES the PCV metal tube found on the 'green bracket of death' on the 2002-2005 USDM WRX fuel rail. However, if you are a 2002-2005 WRX owner that has deleted the 'Green Bracket of death,' then this hose will fit properly with both WRX and STi TMIC's. 

subaru spring clamp

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