Gasket and Seal Kit ej20x, ej20y 2003-2006

Gasket and Seal Kit ej20x, ej20y 2003-2006


iaTUNING offers an extensive line of genuine Subaru OEM parts to keep your Subaru properly maintained. If you do not see it here, then feel free to contact us for a quote. 


  • First and foremost, compare your engine's existing head gasket to that shown in our kit. The newer ej20x versions have a very different HG than these (not compatible).
  • Subaru of Japan OEM Engine Gasket and Seal kit
  • 10105ac200 (new part number) supersedes 10105aa630 (old part number)
  • Imported from Japan to our Colorado, USA office. 
  • Since this kits spans several models there may be leftover parts, especially if the ej20x/y engine has been swapped into a different chassis. 
  • The included head gaskets are 0.56mm thick, part number 11044aa651. 
  • Sold individually

JDM 2003-2006 Legacy with ej20x engine
JDM 2003-2006 Liberty with ej20x(AT) and ej20y(manual)

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