EVAP Vacuum Hose 99071ab780

EVAP Vacuum Hose 99071ab780


iaTUNING offers an extensive line of genuine Subaru OEM parts to keep your Subaru properly maintained. 


  • Subaru OEM vacuum hose for the Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid. 
  • Location = Connects Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid to the intake manifold port located above the alternator.
  • 6mm ID size
  • Sold individually

This hose allows fuel vapors to pass through the purge solenoid and into the intake manifold for proper combustion. With age, the hoses becomes brittle and eventually create vacuum leaks. For older hardened hoses, it is recommended to carefully cut them off of the EVAP purge solenoid so as not to break the solenoid's ports which are commonly broken. 

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JDM version 7/8/9 ej205
JDM ej205x and ej205y
JDM version 7/8/9 ej207
WRX 2002-2005

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