Engine Timing Belt Cover LEFT REAR

Engine Timing Belt Cover LEFT REAR


Engine swaps are popular amongst the Subaru community. However, most owners are unaware that Subaru uses different rear timing covers for the manual transmission (MT) vehicles than they do for the automatic transmission vehicles (AT). The difference is this, the MT engines include 3 additional timing belt guides, whereas the AT engines do not. These additional guides keep the timing belt from skipping during hard MT shifts. Keep this in mind when installing a AT engine into a MT chassis since these engines have zero tolerance valve trains (skipped teeth can bend valves). The solution, remove the entire timing assembly and install the correct MT rear timing covers along with the belt guides. 

Note, the rear timing covers arrives bare, as shown in the image.

Complete Timing Cover Option
Our Complete Cover includes all of the following. It is important to select the correct type based on the front camshaft sensor. The engine either has this sensor or doesn't. Contact us if you are not sure which type your engine has.  

  • gaskets (13583aa290 x 2)
  • Sealing belt cover (13584aa050 x 1, 13597aa020 x 1, 13597aa031 x 1)
  • grommets (13592aa011 x 2)
  • timing guides (13145AA010 x 1)
  • timing guide bolts (800406050 x 2)
  • for engines equipped with a front camshaft sensor (13579aa021 x 1) or for engines without a front camshaft sensor (13579aa030 x 1). 

Location = LEFT REAR, same side as the oil fill neck

Feel free to contact us for any timing items not found on the website.


JDM version 7/8/9 ej205
JDM ej205x and ej205y
JDM version 7/8/9 ej207
Baja 2004-2006
Forester XT 2004-2013
Impreza GT 2008-2010
Legacy GT 2005-2012
Outback XT 2005-2009
STi 2004-2021
WRX 2002-20014

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