Grand Opening of our Dyno Shop 2006

With the growing success of Tucson’s Modification scene we decided it was time to Go Big or Go Home. Everyone in Tucson talks about buying a AWD dyno, but we were first to take the initial plunge (great learning lesson).

That brings me to the next question: What better way to make a splash with a new shop location (INA SHOP) & Dyno? With a Grand Opening of course. The following photos will show the events as they transpired through that magnificent day. It is interesting to see what shows up when you have an open mind to Import, European, and Domestic cars. We had a handful of rods, buckets, slammed Euro’s, plus a parking lot full of Japanese imports! Our local neighbors came out to help celebrate which included Ride Now Sports, gracious donors of several raffle items, as well as Hooters Restaurant, wonderful food kept showing up. Thanks again to everyone that helped make that day so memorable for all of us at iA-Performance!