Subaru of Japan JDM Type RA Gearset 5MT

Subaru of Japan JDM Type RA Gearset 5MT


Subaru of Japan JDM Type RA Gearset 5MT

STI Type RA Gear sets 02+ WRW Close ratio gears from the STi RA feature strengthened and hardened components for improved reliability of the 5MT in modified Imprezas. Treated gear sets now feature micro-polishing for improved reliability, strength, and reduced frictional losses. Install kits are available (see drop down below) to provide the additional parts necessary for proper installation into specific applications. Professional installation is recommended.

Gear Kit Includes:

STI RA Main Shaft
STI RA 1st Driven Gear
STI RA 2nd Driven Gear
STI RA 3rd Driven Gear
STI RA 4th Driven Gear
STI RA 3rd/4th Driven Gear Cluster
STI RA 5th Drive Gear
STI RA 5th Driven Gear
Custom Steel Speedometer Gear, Calibrated for 3.90 Final Drive

STi RA ratios: 3.083 / 2.062 / 1.545 / 1.151 / 0.825

Micro finish:

This involves a unique micro-finishing process that leaves all of the gear surfaces lightly polished. This helps to reduce friction between the gears. The benefits include reduced power loss through the transmission, reduced oil temperatures (which improves shifting performance under severe conditions), and improved break-in and longevity. Through our research we have found this process (REM) to be more beneficial than Cyro treating. The original gear is on the left and the REM treated on the right

Optional Items:

  • Genuine Subaru 4 Piece Bearing Set- $369.86
  • Geinuine Subaru 5 Piece Synchro Set- $382.50

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