iaTUNING POP Tune - Accessport Only

iaTUNING POP Tune - Accessport Only


This is a Snap, Crackle, 'POP' Add-on feature, available for most Accessport tunes running the following maps. (not available for Open Source):
- iaTUNING current and prior maps
- COBB OTS Maps where a cat-less exhaust is present

Applications Presently Supported (electronic throttle body)
- STi 2004-2019
- WRX 2006-2014 (we're working on 2015-present currently, contact for more details)
- Forester 2004-2008
- Legacy 2004-2008

Based parts suggested:
- manual transmission
- Catless exhaust only (may cause harm to catalytic convertors and no noise generated)

The intended use is for Off Road Use / Race track only and never on a street driven vehicle in the USA. The supplied videos are of vehicles outside of the USA. More details and videos to follow with time. Feel free to email us for additional details in the meantime. 

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