iaTUNING POP Tune - Accessport Only

iaTUNING POP Tune - Accessport Only


This is a Snap, Crackle, 'POP' Add-on feature, available for most Accessport tunes running the following maps. (not available for Open Source):
- iaTUNING current and prior maps
- COBB OTS Maps where a cat-less exhaust is present

Applications Presently Supported (electronic throttle body)
- STi 2004-2019
- WRX 2006-2014 (we're working on 2015-present currently, contact for more details)
- Forester 2004-2008
- Legacy 2004-2008

Base parts suggested:
- manual transmission
- Catless exhaust only (may cause harm to catalytic convertors and no noise generated)

The intended use is strictly for Off Road Use / Race track only and never on a street driven vehicle in the USA.  Feel free to email us for additional details in the meantime.

  • For vehicle safety and intellectual property reasons, Accessport maps may only be opened by our in-house Certified ProTuner. Also referred to as Locked. 

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