JDM Subaru 2.0L AVCS Engine Wiring Harness

JDM Subaru 2.0L AVCS Engine Wiring Harness


Imported directly from Japan to our USA based office is the JDM Sti Engine Harness, which is the perfect solution for just about any ej207 owner looking for the Japanese exclusive harness. Whether you're looking to replace a broken harness, or simply have no harness, this is your complete plug and play factory solution. For your repair convenience, we try to keep a minimum of one harness on the shelf at all times, right here at our Colorado based office.


  • 2001-2002 Version 7 STi ej207*
  • 2003-2004 Version 8 STi ej207
  • 2005-2006 Version 9 STi ej207


Although this item is specific to the Version 8 & 9 ej207 STi motor, it will also work on the version 7 STi as well as WRX ej205 engines that do not have TGVs. The IAT sensor plug will not be used in version 7, or WRX, applications (located just below the throttle body). This harness will not fit 3 wire rear cam position sensors, often found on the ej255 and ej257 WRX and STi motors (US and World Market). Lastly, depending on your engine's model year, it may be necessary to swap the knock sensor plugs as well as the power steering plug. This is very simple plug and play swap that is accomplished with an awl.

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