E-Tune for Repeat Clients

E-Tune for Repeat Clients


E-Tune for Subaru & Saab REPEAT

This is a repeat tuning credit designed specifically for repeat e-tune customers and their previously tuned vehicles. If you are not a repeat e-tune customer, or are a new owner of a previously tuned car, then you will need to purchase our standard 'E-Tune' credit. 

How the E-Tune Process Works

1. Purchase
For online orders, fill out and include the following details in the 'Special Instructions' section (found in the shopping 'Cart'). 

  • Make:
    Miles on Motor:
    Miles on Odometer:
    Transmission: 5MT, 6MT, or AT
    Fuel Type: 91, 92, 93, 94, e85, ETC.
    Software: Accessport v2 , v3, or Open Source?
    Modifications: Include brand and size when applicable. Example: Cobb 1050x CC Injectors. 

 2. Data Log
With the client's provided vehicle information, we will send the 1st map as well as detailed instructions for testing. Using your AP or Open Source software, you will data log the vehicle. Once the data logs are completed, the requested files will need to be sent back via e-mail for review.

3. Review Data Logs
After we receive the log files we will begin the review process of the log files. Based on this data we are able to make additional adjustments to the ECU file. This revised map will then be sent back by email.

    4. Completion
    We will repeat Steps 2 and 3 until a final map is generated. On average, a finalized map is reached between 3-5 attempts. Now keep in mind, we are not here to hurry along the tune like our competitors. If the tuning process takes more than 5 revisions, then so be it. Our goal is a well rounded tune with an overall positive experience. Based on our tuning history, our first map is almost always guaranteed to start and run the motor. There is of course the exception where mechanical or electrical gremlins lie.

    Map Credits Explained

    • The 1st tuning credit is valid for 60 days from date of purchase. During the 60 days, the car must maintain the same owner and modifications. If a client were to install a larger turbo at day 30, then their initial tuning credit would expire and a new credit would need to be purchased. 
    • After the purchase of the 1st turning credit, all future credits are offered at a discounted rate, see website for current pricing. This applies to the lifetime that you own the car. This offer does not transfer to new owners, or new vehicles. Example: Client John Q completes an e-tune in 2016 and wishes to upgrade his fuel injectors on the same vehicle in 2017. He would qualify for the Repeat Client rate.

    • Alternations to the modification list, while in the middle of the tuning process, will require the purchase of a discounted tuning credit unless pre-authorization is received from our Tuner Stephen Clark. 
    • A Break-in Tune is considered a separate credit from a Performance Tune  credit.
    • For vehicle safety and intellectual property reasons, Accessport maps may only be opened by our in-house Certified ProTuner. Also referred to as Locked. 

    Tuning Background & Achievements 

    • 2004- began tuning the Subaru line by way of EcuTek & Utec
    • 2005- became COBB Tuning's 1st Arizona authorized Tuner
    • 2006- EFI Tuning Certified
    • 2006- AEM EMS certification along with EFI tuning courses
    • 2006-2010- unlimited hours on our in-house AWD Mustang Dyno
    • 2006-Present Day- Road tuning throughout North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico), as well as assorted European Countries, totaling over thousands of in-person tunes. 
      • E-Tune History>
      • 2007 : January- 1st E-Tune
      • 2008 : January- 6 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2009 : January- 12 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2010 : January- 40 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2011 : January- 75 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2012 : January- 110 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2013 : January- 250 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2014 : January- 410 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2015 : January- 587 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2016 : January- 775 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2017 : January- 1165 E-Tunes Completed to date
      • 2018 : January- 1500 and Still Counting

    Our experience stems past the Dyno and includes open road as well as world renowned race track testing. We are one of the few USA based Tuners to physically travel to, and tune on, highly regarded tracks such as Nurburgring and Hockenheimring. Beyond race tracks, our E-Tune program has spanned the World to Australia, UAE, Alaska, Africa, Europe, South America, and beyond. Despite the distance, we continue to treat every customer with what matters most, respect! When the time comes, consider iA-Performance for your Subaru tuning needs.

    Don't forget to click on the various tabs to read more about additional tuning items; Trouble Shooting, Supported Parts, & Videos. 

    Our highly skilled tuner, Stephen Clark, not only has the knowledge of tuning, but also has a Subaru mechanic background stemming back to 2002! If issues arise, as they often do with modified vehicles, he will be able to walk you through trouble shooting ideas and steps. This is a service hard to find amongst the tuning community. We've even heard stories where tuners will simply stop helping the customer based on their vehicles predicament! A bit of advise to all turbo charged customers, be prepared to perform a "Boost Leak Test." Hit up google for various How-To tutorials on this test

    We offer applications ranging from Gas Savings all the way to Race Track Maps. Our experience covers, but is not limited to the setups below. Feel free to contact us to find out for certain if an E-tune will work with your setup. For our USA clients, our tuning service is only available for off road use, and never intended for street driven registered vehicles. 


    • WRX 2002-present
    • STi 2004-present
    • Forester XT 2004-present
    • Legacy Outback GT and XT 2004-present
    • Baja XT - Open Source only (which we can tune), not supported by Cobb Accessport -
    • Non USA market ej205, ej207, ej257 with Open Source


    • Cobb AccessPORT (version 2 or 3)
    • Or
    • Open Source (OS)- ECU Flash, Romraider, or similar programs plus a Tactrix Cable. Note OS customers will need to send a copy of their current ROM (stock or modified is fine) to tuning@iatuning.com after purchasing the e-tune

    Although there are variations between brands and sizes of turbos, we offer support for any and all turbos on the market. Below is a sampling of popular ones we tune.  

    • td04 & td04 19t
    • IHI turbos (examples: vf 22, 23, 30, 34, 36, 37, 39, 42, 48, 52, ETC)
    • Garrett
    • Borge Warner Series
    • PTE
    • Blouch Turbo
    • Forced Performance
    • Steamspeed
    • Cavalli
    • ETC

    Waste Gates

    • Internal
    • External (Tial, Turbosmart, ETC recirculation and dump to atmosphere)


      • Vehicles equipped with larger than stock injectors will require the use of a wide band air fuel gauge
      • 87-120 octane, Leaded, Unleaded
      • Ethanal fuel between 0-85 (AKA e85) , this includes Flex Fuel Kits from Cobb Tuning
      • Methanol Injection
      • 440-2400cc
      • Preferred brands are: Subaru OEM, Injector Dynamics, Fuel Injector Clinic, COBB Tuning. Other supported brands are: Deatschwerks, Perrin, Agency Power, Modified Denso. Known problematic brands that we try to support: Power Enterprise, JECs, Five-o (results are not guaranteed with these brands)


    • All Subaru 2.0L, 2.1L, 2.2L, 2.35L, 2.5L, 2.6L turbocharged engines (EJ and FA)
    • Frankenstein motors, 2.5L short block with 2.0L heads (popular 02-05 WRX option)
    • JDM swaps with ej205, ej207, ej205x, ej205y. Pretty much any and all we can tune. 

      Environment Conditions

      Our experience covers, but is not limited to, the following environment conditions

      • Sea Level to 12,000 feet
      • Below freezing to triple digit summer temperatures

      Flex Fuel Tuning via Cobb Accessport

      As one of the early adapters of Flex Fuel, we continue to offer tuning support for the Subaru models which Cobb offers e85 Flex Fuel kits for.

      The following videos offer an in depth look at installing the Version 2 and Version 3 Accessports. Thanks goes out to Cobb as well as RSD for the videos. 

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